You no longer have to travel to the south for the sun, the sea and the beach. For your dream holiday you can simply go to the most beautiful coast in the Netherlands: that of North Holland.

Beach holiday in the Netherlands

Long flights and endless lines at the airport or highway. They are not only frustrating and polluting, but also unnecessary! After all, you will find a wonderful holiday at the beach in your own (neighbouring) country, on the beautiful North Holland beach coast. Goudkust has the ideal holiday villas and homes for a luxurious beach holiday in the Netherlands.

Our accommodations within 500 meters from the sea

Holiday homes on the coast of North Holland

Our holiday accommodations are located on or in the vicinity of the most famous coastal towns in North Holland: Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Schoorl, Alkmaar, Heiloo and Egmond aan Zee. All beautiful locations, each with a unique environment.

Why a beach holiday in the Netherlands?

Holidays in the Netherlands are becoming increasingly popular. And that is of course not easy. We give you a number of reasons why beach holidays in the Netherlands are so popular.

  1. Beautiful environment: Many people think that for a beautiful and diverse environment they have to make a long journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. North Holland is known for its extensive sandy beaches and has a variety of beautiful dune areas.
  2. Fun for people and animals: A holiday on the Dutch coast is fun for the whole family. Certainly also for your four-legged friend. You can therefore book the ideal beach holiday in the Netherlands with your dog at Goudkust!
  3. Nice weather: You no longer have to deviate to the south for the sun. In the summer months we have an average of six to seven hours of sunshine per day in the Netherlands. Moreover, the temperatures do not lie. Reason enough to opt for a beach holiday in the Netherlands.

Find peace

When you think of holidays in the Netherlands, people quickly think of the popular sandy beaches of Vlissingen and Zandvoort. Great locations, but often a bit on the busy side. The more northern beaches are less known, but certainly no less beautiful! In fact, the beach of Egmond aan Zee is known as one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands and is close to the center. Ideal to really relax.