Bakkum is a unique seaside resort on the North Holland coast. Sun, sea, beach and forest. It’s all there. Ideal as a holiday destination or for a long weekend away with the whole family.

Plenty of nature in Bakkum

In Bakkum you can fully enjoy nature. You are a stone’s throw from the North Holland Dune Reserve. Here you will find the most beautiful walking and cycling routes and you can completely relax. The right exit takes you through the dunes directly to the beautiful beach of Bakkum. Here you can take a seat on your towel, or at one of the many cozy beach pavilions. Are you really here for pure tranquility? Then walk a bit further to the ‘silent beach‘.

Our accommodations in Bakkum

Seaside resort with a special past

Bakkum aan Zee is a typical North Holland seaside resort with a special history. Until 1812 Bakkum was an independent municipality. Since that year it officially falls under the municipality of Castricum. In 1978 neither Bakkum nor Bakkum aan Zee were assigned their own postal code. Bakkum therefore does not have its own postal addresses or place name signs.

Nevertheless, the place name Bakkum will ring a bell with many. Not surprising, because early in the 20th century Bakkum aan Zee became a popular holiday destination because of its location by the sea, dune areas and wooded surroundings. Especially Amsterdammers came and still like to come. So much so that Bakkum aan Zee is also known as ‘Little Mokum’ or ‘Amsterdam aan Zee’.

During the Second World War, the Bakkum dune areas also played a role as ‘Stützpunktgruppe’. An important support point within the German coastal defenses. In total, about 104 bunkers have been built here. After the war, many of these bunkers were demolished, but a number are still present (under the dunes). It should be clear that Bakkum has a special past!

Rent a beautiful holiday home in Bakkum aan Zee

Would you like to experience all the beauty that Bakkum aan Zee has to offer? Goudkust offers luxurious holiday homes in the most beautiful spots in Bakkum, close to the beach and the dunes. Ideal to completely relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!