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Everyone needs a vacation sometimes. Especially after a long time of hard work, a weekend away can be the right way to relax. Have you always put off that fun weekend because you couldn’t find a good sitter for your dog or pet? Or do you not have the heart to leave your four-legged friend alone? No worries! Feel free to take one or more dogs or pets with you on holiday on the North Holland coast and enjoy the dunes, beach and sea. At Goudkust, look for a holiday home or apartment that allows dogs and enjoy a good time together. Goudkust has many apartments by the sea or within walking distance of the beach for rent where you can go with your dog. Going on holiday with your dog is now very easy. You and your dog will love a holiday home in Bergen. The fresh sea air on the North Holland coast will do you both good.

Our accommodations where pets are welcome

A weekend trip with your dog

If you go on holiday with your dog, you naturally want to prepare well. You don’t want to have to hurriedly search for that one special dog toy that you forgot at home during your holiday. Dogs are good company, but unfortunately they can’t pack their bags themselves when they go on holiday with you. So you will have to make sure that his food and water bowl and those tasty chunks are placed in the cargo box. Don’t forget his bed with that soft pillow. Otherwise, he might keep you up all night looking for his trusty kisses. You can take all other attributes that you normally need for taking care of and walking your dog. An outdoor toy is also very nice.

Of course it is also very important that your dog arrives safely at the holiday address. There are no special rules, but you know best how your four-legged friend prefers to travel and is not a nuisance to others.

Hiking outdoors

Dogs have a lot of energy and are very happy when they can run around in the open air. Besides relaxing in the open air during your holiday, your four-legged friend can enjoy it with you. If you have decided to go on holiday with your dog and have chosen a holiday home by the sea, you can take long walks that you and your dog will really enjoy. The wonderful accommodations that Goudkust offers are well located so that you can take nice walks in the woods with your dog, stroll through the dunes or walk along the coastline. After a holiday on the North Holland coast in an apartment or villa where one or more dogs are allowed, you will feel reborn. After this you will no longer hesitate to go on holiday with your dog.

Vacation with your dog

Summer is not only a great time to take your dog on holiday. Goudkust also has luxury apartments for rent in other seasons, where dogs are allowed.