Are you a sauna enthusiast and do you feel completely relaxed when you are in the sauna? Then you should definitely make time for a few visits to the sauna when planning your holiday. What if you could also enjoy the sauna in your own luxury holiday home instead of going to the sauna? If you book a luxury holiday home at Goudkust, you can choose one with a private sauna. Perfect for that weekend getaway or a longer family holiday. Even if you are always on the road all day long to experience as many adventures as possible, when you return to your holiday home, you can step into the sauna to relax. Then you can finally get rid of all the excitement of the day and relax before you get into bed. The next day there is plenty of room for adventure again. It is very important to take a break every now and then. You then have time to relax properly so that you can enjoy working again afterwards.

Our accommodations with sauna

Benefits of a private sauna

Who wouldn’t want a sauna at home? If you don’t have it at home yet, you can already enjoy a private sauna on holiday. That is if you rent a luxury holiday home in the Netherlands with a sauna. A sauna is super relaxing, but sometimes a visit to the sauna can cause some stress. Just think of the long distances to get to the sauna, long queues with long waiting times and busy changing rooms. You can avoid all this by renting a luxury house with a sauna for your well-deserved holiday. After a fun and active day outside, you can enjoy the sauna at home. With complete privacy in the comfort of your own luxury holiday home. Now that’s a treat! Once you enter, you can drop everything and walk straight into the sauna. How delicious is that? Enjoy the benefits of the sauna for an hour and then fully enjoy the holiday again. With a private sauna at the luxury holiday home, this is possible every day of the holiday. Each time in turn or together.

Relax in the sauna

Everyone has their own way of relaxing, but an hour in the sauna does everyone good. Are you going on a romantic weekend with your loved one or are you planning a holiday with the whole family? Then rent a luxury holiday home with sauna in the Netherlands via Goudkust. You can enjoy the sauna as a couple or alone to completely relax. Besides the fact that the sauna has a soothing effect, it is also good for detoxifying the body. Ideal to ensure that you do not gain too much weight from all the delicious food when you are on vacation.