Holiday home for 10 people for every occasion

Whether it’s a weekend away with friends or family or for a festive event such as an anniversary, it doesn’t matter, but by renting a holiday home that is suitable for 10 people at Goudkust, you can be sure that all your expectations will be met . If you have something to celebrate and want to do this with a larger group, a holiday home for 10 people is the ideal choice for you! The spacious accommodation allows you to enjoy your special moment with family and friends. The beautiful landscape near the sea is a perfect destination for a marriage proposal. And this is of course ideal because the accommodations are perfect to have two families together.

Our accommodations for 10 people

Advantages of renting a holiday home

During your vacation you normally want to enjoy a sense of relaxation and togetherness. Hotels usually have limited and no home and common space with privacy, while a holiday home offers space for family vacations. Our luxury holiday home for 10 people in North Holland offers enough space to spend some time with family and friends. It can also be very cost effective. By organizing a weekend getaway for 10 people, you can split the rental costs instead of paying for separate hotel rooms. Well, that’s what we call a budget-friendly solution without sacrifices.

Goudkust takes care of all your needs!

Goudkust  offers accommodation for 10 people in the Netherlands, so there is no need to cross the border to enjoy a family holiday. The fully furnished home requires minimal luggage. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may need a moment to unwind. That is why we offer the holiday home by the sea for 10 people. The whole family can enjoy walks along the coastline and then a delicious home cooked meal. And this holiday home by the sea certainly has no shortage of luxury! So come and experience a world of fun with all your family and friends! We hope to see you soon.